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"If you and your family have arrived here, congratulations. You need look no further. The highly skilled staff takes care to address your individual needs and goals. You will leave here with better tools and more confidence. Thank you all for helping to make a big difference in our lives."


Garden Grove, CA

"The therapists gave me the help I needed for vertigo, and more. Not only was the cause of the problem isolated and treated, but a program of maintenance was also implemented… I think some of the greatest benefit was being seen as a whole person with a life to live, not as a symptom to treat…"


Orange County, CA

"Thank you and your staff for helping me to regain better balance… I finally am improving which is very encouraging to me… Your exercises have made a large difference in my results. Thanks to your great staff."


Long Beach, CA

“After therapy, my pain in my shoulder was greatly reduced. My range of motion is much improved in my neck and shoulder area, and headaches almost completely gone!... My balance has improved and I continue to work on the exercises at home… I miss the friendship and camaraderie that I enjoyed. I would feel comfortable coming back here if I have a need.”


Long Beach, CA

"I noticed that my posture and neck pain had improved especially now that I can stretch back without pain anymore… I would like to express my appreciation to the therapists for their efforts to help me… Thank you so much.”


Fullerton, CA

“I am impressed! As a retired physician and someone who has had numerous contacts with physical therapists for assorted sports injuries and back pain, I can honestly say that the folks at England Physical Therapy are the best! They are obviously very expert at what they do , and their caring and encouraging manner, and capable one-on-one therapy really are outstanding… I am walking with much more confidence and fell about 80% better than I did when I began. I am continuing to work on an exercise program at home, and am still improving. Thanks for your help. I am grateful for the improvement we have accomplished!”


San Diego, CA

“The therapists did a great job showing me the exercises I needed to do to strengthen my knee… It was a good experience. My knee is much better and their kindness was much appreciated.”


Fullerton, CA

“My doctor recommended coming to England Physical Therapy and I asked to find some place closer to my home in Newport Beach. He said I would get more help by making the longer drive. I feel he made the right recommendation as I have not fallen in over a month instead of about once a week before I started this program… Thanks.”


Newport Beach, CA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! After suffering from vertigo for 11 years, it’s gone! After treatment, I have no symptoms. I can now roll around on the floor with my 2 year old and look forward to trying a roller coaster!”


Irvine, CA

“The improvement began immediately. I can now walk on grass without help. I can step up and down curbs alone and do many other things that I couldn’t do when I started. I am so grateful to the therapist and the staff for being so patient and helpful. It was a great, positive experience… Thanks for being there for us.”


Anaheim, CA

“Thanks to your technical procedures and your outstanding staff, I made great improvements in my walking… It helped my confidence so much that don’t even realize my affliction. I am not 100% back to normal, but I am getting there. Many thanks to all of you.”


Irvine, CA

“The range of therapy activities have been comprehensive and multifaceted which has pleased me and treated many dimensions of my problems…" The sessions focusing on my balance have dealt with real life problems that present themselves, and the therapy has been quite effective. I have been very impressed with the scope and dimension of the treatment.”


Anaheim Hills, CA

“First, I want to thank you so much for your compassionate understanding of what it is like to be a patient with vertigo and ear imbalance… You have helped me tremendously…  Thanks again for being there for me.”


San Juan Capistrano, CA

“My experiences with my therapist and all the rest of the staff has been very professional; but better still, very caring and compassionate. People are not just a number here. I’ve recommended them to my friends and will never hesitate to use them again.”


Buena Park, CA

“For a year and a half, I had dizziness, numbness, and tingling over my entire body, especially in my limbs… Looking down caused numbness into my arms and hands as well as dizziness. Lying down made me dizzy. After coming to Balance Rehabilitation, the symptoms have steadily improved. My neck is much better and I now have the confidence to travel that I lacked when my symptoms were so severe and scary.”


Orange County, CA

“For my first appointment, I was filled with uneasiness and stress; however as soon as I walked in, signed in, all that stress and uneasiness dissipated by the acknowledgement, validation, and politeness towards me… The therapist immediately put me at ease… She understood my illness – what it is, its progression…


Los Angeles, CA

“My life and outlook has changed… I feel like I have a new life.”


Cerritos, CA

“It’s a great comfort to know there is a place called Balance Rehabilitation where we can be assured of receiving the highest quality of treatment by a most professional and caring staff.”


Irvine, CA

“I had such terrible pain in my right shoulder and collarbone that I was barely able to sleep at night. Thanks to Balance Rehabilitation, these problems are gone. I am able to sleep through the night and lay on my right side, which I was unable to do before.”


San Diego, CA

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